Council Staff

Katherine Town Council consists of two departments that are responsible for the delivery of services across the municipality. Each department is headed by a Director and is overseen by the Chief Executive Officer.

Robert Jennings – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Robert was appointed Chief Executive Officer on 4 February 2015. Robert has held several executive leadership roles within the Local Government sector throughout Australia as well as extensive private sector experience.

Robert is a highly skilled senior executive with skills in strategic planning, project management, economic development and stakeholder engagement. With multiple degrees in Architecture, Applied Science, Economics and a Diploma in Leadership and Management, Robert brings a wide variety of experience to Katherine Town Council’s Executive Team.

Robert is a visionary and genuine leader with an ongoing personal commitment to integrity, excellence and service to both Katherine Town Council and the Katherine Community.

Claire Johansson – Director Corporate and Community Services

Claire has held the role of Director Corporate & Community Services since 8 September 2014 after extensive experience in Public Health throughout North Queensland and the Northern Territory.

With vast experience in strategic financial planning, strategic consulting and policy along with a Masters of Business Administration, Claire is perfectly suited to oversee Council’s community & economic development as well as communications services and finance.

Director Works & Services/Deputy Chief Executive Officer

The Director of Works & Services is responsible for overseeing the maintenances of parks and council facilities as well as council infrastructure, rubbish collection, the environment and by-law enforcement.

Katherine Town Council’s Executive Team can be contacted via the following methods:

Phone: (08) 8972 5500

Fax: (08) 8971 0305